12 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Erin Reeves says:

    For the past two years, you have all played a huge role in our child’s life. You have gone above and beyond what we could have ever imagined! What sets “Cathy’s” apart from other nursery schools, is that they genuinely care about the children and their education beyond preschool. Any teachers after that sure do have big shoes to fill with our little one! Every week, my husband and I have noticed such a huge change with our daughter’s numbers and letters. The fact that you saw her weak points, and seemed to help and challenge her with them, is true evidence that the teachers of Cathy’s Nursery School work so very hard with these children to get them where they need to be. Thanks to all of your hard work, we have no doubt in our minds that our daughter will excel in the school years to come. You were an amazing starting point for her, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

  2. Heidi says:

    Cathy’s Nursery school gave my daughter an incredible educational experience. It was my little ones first time in school, and they nurtured a shy, nervous little girl into the confident, outgoing, eager to learn student she is today. I have seen children coming out of many different nursery schools, and there is a clear difference in the kids leaving Cathy’s. The experienced teachers not only teach the Abc’s, but also show the children how to be kind, cooperative, and organized students. I would recommend this school to any family looking to give their children an advantage in education. I sincerely thank every one of the lovely ladies from Cathy’s for instilling a love of learning, sense of accomplishment, and confidence in my daughter that every child needs for a lifetime of academic success. Cathy, you and your team have set the bar incredibly high for educators to come! Bravo for a job well done!

  3. Nicole says:

    Thank you ALL for being so amazing and fabulous educators!

  4. Riley says:

    I am currently enrolled at Cathy’s Nursery School and obviously too little to type so my mommy is typing what I say. This is my first year in school and I love it! I love dressing up, doing my special art projects, playing in the garage (mommy says that is where we practice our gross motor skills) and going down the swivel slide outside. I also love when Mrs. Glynn reads to us. She is a great story teller. I have met a lot of new friends at school too. I would tell all the kids I know to go to Cathy’s Nursery School it is wicked awesome! They would have fun too. Mrs. Glynn and the rest of the teacher’s, I hope you read this and know how much I love alllllll of you! You all are an important part of my life! See you for our big show on Tuesday! : ) Oh and I loved the puppet show today!

  5. Kristy says:

    We felt that Cathy’s would be a great fit for our son, Jack, and as he finished his second year and graduated last week, our feelings were confirmed. Jack entered school as a nervous three year old with a good handle on “academics,” but who was glued to every adult in the room. Mrs. Glynn, Mrs. Strickland, and Mrs. Richter quickly evaluated Jack’s needs. They spent the first few weeks letting him be him, but encouraging him along the way. Upon drop off, he would be instantly engaged with a song, and upon entering school, Mrs. Glynn would have him start with the craft, something he loved. These two routines were huge for Jack. They made him feel comfortable and happy and gave him the adult connection he desired so that he felt safe in the environment. They also happily fielded questions from me as I fretted about Jack’s nervousness. Having his teachers was like having a panel of experts at my disposal – ready to reassure me and inform me at every turn. During that first year, Jack learned so much about how to engage with kids appropriately – how to initiate play, how to join play in progress, and how to be confident with his peers. He fell in love with school quickly and loved making crafts, having a special job each day (one of our post-school traditions was to guess his job – we all loved it!), and learning about traditions, holidays, and special times of year (we still have him tell us the entire Thanksgiving story that he learned during his first year). His first year was a complete success – he was sad for summer to come, and we were thrilled with what a fantastic, learning time he had in Mrs. Glynn’s wonderfully organized, safe but fun environment. Jack made so many friends, all encouraged by his teachers.

    Jack’s second year was just as his first – Mrs. Glynn and Mrs. Moriarity continued to provide Jack with all that he needed. He worked on being a leader, speaking up, and sharing his ideas during school. His relationships grew with his peers, and he developed a great group of “buddies” that he bonded with during play. Mrs. Moriarity is so full of love and support – she really got to know who Jack was, and she celebrated his interests and “talents!” Mrs. Glynn always showed excitement in Jack’s work, emailing especially cute photos or a picture of a great painting Jack did. It was so nice to get the positive check ins, and Jack felt proud of his work. During that year, he would tell us about fiction versus nonfiction, what patterns were, and he started working on spelling independently.

    Our younger son and daughter will surely grow and learn as Jack did, and we look forward to more quality time at Cathy’s Nursery School. When Jack went to visit his future kindergarten, one of the teachers gave us a thumbs up and said, “we love getting Cathy’s kids!” I completely understand why. Cathy loves having these kids, and it shows.

  6. Lindsay says:

    My twins just finished their first year at Cathy’s Nursery School and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences for them and for our family. I was nervous about sending them to school, as they were two of the youngest kids in the class and thought maybe I should have held off for another year, but after the first week of school I knew that I had made the right decision. All of the teacher’s at Cathy’s are top notch. They have a genuine respect and love for all of these kids. They really take the time to get to know each and every one of them. They truly lead by example and the kids flourish because of them. I often received pictures of the kids, videos, and cute stories about what my kids said or did. Every time I picked my kids up from school, they always had a huge smile on their face and couldn’t wait to show me their art project or tell me what they did at school that day. We can’t wait to go back in September!

  7. Luciana says:

    We feel so lucky that Lilian ended up at Cathy’s Nursery School. Moving to a new town and not being able to rely on family and friends for school recommendations made it challenging, but we have no doubt we made the right choice.
    Lilian loved nursery school from the start and has flourished in so many ways. I will not forget the day she came home and told me about Native Americans, proudly showing me her Papoose. I was so impressed! From history to fiction to nature to friendship and communication… she learned so much!
    This school has an amazing team of teachers! They model kindness, patience, dedication, and enthusiasm, creating an environment that is fun and nurturing for our children.
    Lilian also enjoyed the lunch bunches she attended. At first she was hesitant of going with a “boy teacher,” so I was surprised with her reaction after the first day: “I want to go to lunch bunch everyday!”
    I too enjoyed every interaction with the teachers at drop off and pick up. And when I reached out with questions, Cathy made herself available to help me. She listened to my concerns and provided ideas, giving me examples from the classroom. Her guidance was reassuring!
    All in all, Lilian loved her school year! She was happy at school and is excited about kindergarten. Mrs. Glynn, Ms. Moriarty, Mrs. “T,” Mrs. Strickland, Mrs. Richter, and Mr. Jason… they all did a wonderful job! My husband and I feel lucky, happy, and grateful for that.

  8. Jessica Martin says:

    I was thrilled with the curriculum and the level of structure and emotional support they provided to my son. I really enjoyed seeing all of my son’s art work and shows that they conducted through the year. The teachers (we had Mrs. Glynn & Mrs. Strickland) were excellent. They were always positive and willing to provide feedback of our sons experience when at school.
    Another feature I enjoyed was that beyond stories, songs, and art projects they also had a large fenced in area for the kids to all run and play. Additionally the pickup and drop off of our son was excellent and more importantly safe.
    I would and will highly recommend Cathy’s to anyone!

    Jessica Martin

  9. Jessica DiPillo says:

    We are in our second year at Cathy’s. My daughter loves it there and we couldn’t be happier. The way the day is structured, the curriculum, and the projects they do are all pertinent to the time of year or Holiday. The environment is such a loving and nurturing environment, I feel that family members are teaching my daughter rather than teachers. Although not to minimize their education, as all of the teachers are extensively trained in this field. They treat each child like their own which is so comforting to know as a parent. There are ample things for the children to do each day to learn and grow emotionally and academically.

    There is no question where my second daughter will go when the time comes for her to begin preschool. Thank you to all of the teachers who pour their heart and soul into this each and every day!

  10. Lisa says:

    We are the proud parents of two sets of twins and all 4 of our children have attended Cathy’s. Our first set attended 2009-2011 and our second set is about to finish up their second and final year. Upon leaving Cathy’s our children are intellectually confident, socialized, and emotionally mature. We believe a big reason for this is due to the terrific team of teachers at Cathy’s, including Cathy Glynn herself. All of the teachers provide a safe and fun environment, exude an extraordinary level of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and above all, a love of pre-school aged children. They are dedicated to their job and believe in what they are doing. They care tremendously about the progress and well-being of each and every child in the classroom. They gain the respect of the children without scaring them. The head teacher, Ms. Moriarty (14th year on staff), Mrs. Richter (21st year on staff), Mrs. Segal (10th year on staff), Mrs. McKiernan (3rd year on staff) and Mrs. Wallace (2nd year on staff) continuously encourage the children to explore and learn, to be curious, to think on their own, and to be creative. They provide them with fun hands-on experiences where the children can touch, smell, taste, watch and wonder about everything around them, resulting in children that have highly developed problem solving and manipulative play skills. The newest teachers of Cathy’s team, Mrs. Berlet, Mrs. Quigley, and Mrs. Pennington, jumped right on board with the same vim and vigor as the veteran staff display everyday. They have been a nice addition to this school year.

    The school is clean and bright which made our kiddos feel comfortable right from the moment they stepped into the school. Their neat and tidy classroom makes it not only safe, but easy for the kids to find what they want when play time begins, as well as when it’s time to clean up.

    Cathy’s provides an equal balance of indoor activities and outdoor playtime. Social interaction with large and small groups of classmates is provided indoor and outdoor, so that they have an opportunity to build relationships, learn the art of sharing and develop the skills necessary to appropriately handle a situation should a conflict arise.

    In addition to the academics, creative arts, various seasonal themes, opportunities for parents to visit during a school day, show & tell, lunch bunch and/or full day opportunities, Cathy invites professionals from the community to speak to and interact with the children. Most recently, my children were able to meet an animal control officer, a dental hygienist, a doctor, and a mail carrier, all which had a positive and enthusiastic impact on my littlest ones.

    This week’s pre-school graduation will be bitter sweet for my husband and I, for this will be the last of our children to go through Cathy’s, but we are left feeling very confident that Cathy and her teachers have done their job in preparing our children to move on to kindergarten with confidence!

    Thank you for everything Cathy’s Nursery School!!! It’s been a great run for our family!

  11. Emily Shea says:

    I feel so fortunate that my daughter, Mallory, was able to attend Cathy’s Nursery School. I am an alumni myself and graduated almost 30 years ago! My husband and I considered all the preschool programs in town when we were ready to sign her up for school. The environment at Cathy’s is warm, welcoming, and inviting and we knew it was the best place for our daughter. The staff is amazing— it’s easy to see how much they love both the students and teaching! When I dropped my daughter off in the mornings, I could see that all the children were always greeted with warm smiles and open arms. My daughter has become a curious and enthusiastic learner and I firmly believe this all stems from this preschool experience. The school has helped her mature and learn so much about herself and the world around her. The environment is caring and structured enough so the kids can learn and grow, yet they are allowed enough room to be exactly who they are. Mallory would surprise us every day with a new song, a new subject learned, a new story heard, a new art project, or a story of a fun moment with her friends and teachers. In fact every school day has been a learning adventure for her. We have truly had a wonderful experience with Cathy’s Nursery School.

  12. Suzanne says:

    We had a truly wonderful experience at Cathy’s nursery school. When we went to look at the school we knew immediately that this was the perfect place for our son. It was bright, immaculate and set up in a comfortable setting so that the children can really be in that “ at home” environment. Cathy was energetic, fun and truly loves the children. All the teachers at the school are approachable, kind, and were so exceptional at teaching our son the curriculum in a fun interactive way. My son being an only child I was nervous about a few things, but when he jumped out ( literally) the first day into Mrs. Glynn’s arms waving goodbye with a huge smile I knew we made the best choice for him. They do wonderful concerts and special performances throughout the year along with a beautiful graduation. It’s remarkable to see the growth in the class . We get to see it here with the special concerts and activities that they work so hard to prepare for us. The communication between us was always present along with pictures texted or emailed so we could share the joy he was having at school.

    He came home everyday happy, excited to talk about his day, new friends he had made and how the teachers always helped him. He had a broken wrist at one point and they went as far as to help him and hold his hands in the bathroom! They love the kids and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to know all of them. My son went on to Kindergarten and first grade now with such confidence and knowledge of the many things he learned at Cathy’s nursery school. It’s not who can count to 1000 or can my child read out of nursery school, it’s more important to me “ is my child kind, respectful and courteous” These are the things they encouraged along with us at home. He learned that along with a solid foundation for elementary school. He is doing exceptional in school and still talks about his teachers from Cathy’s!

    Please email me if you need someone to talk to about your choice for preschool. I didn’t forget how hard it is to trust a school with your baby. I don’t think you will find a better environment for your little ones. I love everything about this school!

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